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Women's Haircut & Blow out (First Appt)⎥$250+ Senior Stylist⎥$125+ Junior Stylist.

Men's Haircut (First Appointment)⎥$150+ Senior Stylist⎥$80+ Junior Stylist.


Blow out⎥$70+ Senior Stylist⎥$50+ Junior Stylist.


Blow out with Iron⎥$80+ Senior Stylist⎥$60+ Junior Stylist.


Up do⎥$150+ Senior Stylist⎥$100+ Junior Stylist.


Braids⎥$65+ Junior Stylist.


Base Color⎥$150+ Senior Colorist⎥$125+ Junior Colorist.

Partial Highlights, Balayage or Ombre⎥$195+ Senior Colorist⎥$150+ Junior Colorist.


Full Highlights, Balayage or Ombre⎥$325+ Senior Colorist⎥$250+ Junior Colorist.


Hair Extensions⎥per quote - Senior Colorist⎥per quote - Junior Colorist.


Bleach and Tone⎥$175+ Senior Colorist⎥$145+ Junior Colorist.


Toner⎥$135+ Senior Colorist⎥$90+ Junior Colorist.


Straightening⎥per quote - Senior Colorist⎥per quote - Junior Colorist.


Deep conditioning⎥$75+ Senior Colorist⎥$50+ Junior Colorist.


Specialty Treatments⎥per quote - Senior Colorist⎥per quote - Junior Colorist.


Perms⎥per quote - Senior Colorist⎥per quote - Junior Colorist.


CoRrective color⎥per quote - Senior Colorist⎥per quote - Junior Colorist.


Extensions⎥per quote - Senior Technician⎥per quote - Junior Technician.


Makeup Application⎥$150+ MakeUp Artist.


Wedding day Makeup⎥$250+ MakeUp Artist.


Wedding Makeup Trial⎥$150+ MakeUp Artist.


Eye Lashes⎥$25+ MakeUp Artist.


Brow Shaping⎥$35+ MakeUp Artist.


Make up classes⎥$150+ MakeUp Artist.


Manicure⎥per quote - Technician.

Pedicure⎥per quote - Technician.


Complimentary Consultations
Complimentary consultations for all our services are available by appointment.
Consultations with Herve, Oliver or Laurent - $150.

Cancellation Policy
All appointments require a minimum of 24-hours notice to cancel.


Complimentary Fringe Trim
Complimentary fringe trims are available to all our regular clients.

Straightening Services
Straightening prices may vary depending upon product used and or the technician performing the service.

Special Occasion Hair
For full details of our styling, hair-up, and out of salon services, including bridal hair, please contact our receptionist.

Extension Hair
technicians work with only the finest hair extension systems and the best quality hair.

Extension Color Services
Base color matching is fully included in the service. Any additional service may be subject to an additional charge.

Color Corrections
Corrective color work can vary greatly and can involve many different processes. Please be advised that pricing will be dependent upon time and techniques used.

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